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Megan Fox

I’ve had a deep obsession with Megan Fox since the first Transformers.  I’ve named our kids, I pray to her every night, and I sacrifice my healthiest goat each week in her honor.   I usually like blonds, but Megan Fox is probably the hottest girl I’ve ever seen…and she has bad ass tattoos.  I would […]

Cool Song From Oklahoma Boys (Kings of Leon)

Interview With Love Systems Dating Coach Daxx

Love Systems dating coach Daxx is going to be speaking at the PUA Summit this year here in Los Angles.    Daxx is actually moving in with me and Dahunter in Los Angeles next month.  Going out with Daxx in LA is like going against a one legged man in an ass kicking contest.  He can […]

It's Official….Tim Tebow is a Pussy

This article says that Tebow is “waiting for marriage” to have sex.   Are you kidding me????   This guy could pull more ass than a hamstring and he’s “waiting for marriage.” To me this is the equivalent of Tom Brady or Brad Pitt deciding to practice sexual abstinence.  Ridiculous. This is like that kid you […]

Braddock and Savoy Talking To Prospective Instructors

Human Giant: Job Interview – watch more funny videos

Hidden Video of Daxx

Will Arnett – Human Giant SEX TAPE from Will Arnett

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Cool Song…

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