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A Year in Reflection Part 1- My 5 Biggest Inner-Game Shifts of 2012

gettinginnergameadvicefrombraddock 1024x576 A Year in Reflection Part 1  My 5 Biggest Inner Game Shifts of 2012

 Getting some inner-game advice from Braddock after a long night in field


Holy shit this year flew by! Its crazy to think I took my first bootcamp way back in February.

Bill Gates said, ‘Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do over ten years.’ Throughout the highs and lows of 2012 I have tried to keep this quote in mind. Looking back, however, its hard for me to not be overwhelmingly pleased with how much I’ve grown in the past year.

I wanted to share with you guys what I think are the 5 biggest inner-game shifts I made in 2012. Before that though, I want to quickly thank all the guys in the game who have helped me this year. I’ve been inspired and educated by countless people either directly or indirectly since getting into game but specifically Braddock, Vercetti, Mr. M, Sterling, Tyler, Daxx, and Intrigue thank you! It blows my mind that I have gotten a chance to learn from all of you guys in such a short time and at such an early stage in my development. Thanks again!

Alright so lets get into my 5 biggest inner-game shifts of 2012. I have touched on some of this stuff before, but its worth being said again. I don’t think its possible to be truly successful with women without a concrete understanding of the concepts below.

1. Girls don’t love ‘my game.’ Girls love ME

This is without a doubt the biggest game specific shift I made this year. When I first got started in game, I was under the impression that in order to be successful with women I would have to cultivate a fake persona that I would use to attract women whenever I went out. Instead of going out every night and trying to communicate to women from a place of complete authenticity and pure self-esteem, I was coming from a place of neediness and low self-esteem, while attempting to mask it with my ‘pua’ persona. My game was a song and dance I had created. Every line or routine I would fish out of my head and deliver in set was accompanied by a track playing in my mind of, ‘Please like this, please like this, please like this.’ Every once in a while I would successfully fool girls into believing that the bullshit I was throwing out was the real me, but even when I was ‘successful’ I felt unworthy of the good emotions the girl gave me. When I had this mindset, all the girl was doing by hooking up with me was validating the belief that I wasn’t enough on my own to get the girl. But since learning that authenticity and self-esteem are the most attractive qualities a woman sees in a man, pick-up has become infinitely more fun and fulfilling. GIRLS LIKE ME FOR ME. I still have plenty of work to do in this area. I still see a girl in the club every night where I will catch myself thinking, ‘Fuck this one is going to be tough.’ I still catch myself trying to approval seek every night, but I have come a long way this year from at one point believing I needed a whole repertoire of gimmicks and tactics outside of myself in order to attract beautiful women.

2. A woman is NEVER the purpose of my life. My purpose and ultimate happiness is never dependent on any one person.  

This is huge. For guys who can’t figure out why their ex doesn’t like them anymore, this it it. A woman needs to be able to identify that you are on your path and purpose in life, and you don’t depend on her being with you to remain on course. If a girl can sense you need her approval or that you can’t be happy without her, then her attraction for you dies. Its that simple. While I love having women in my life, I don’t need them. I don’t depend on women for my happiness.

Given that I initially got into game with very needy mindsets, and assumed I needed a really hot girlfriend in order for me to be complete, I have had to make some major shifts in the way I view women. The more I cement my new AWESOMELY BAD ASS views on women into my reality, the more women I attract into my life (will post more on this in the future, cuz again this shit is awesome).

3. Everything is a reference experience

This was one of the  very first inner-game concepts I learned from Braddock. Its also probably the biggest core fundamental understanding you need to internalize to get good at game. On any given night, there is no good or bad. Everything that happens is just a reference experience that you use to learn and grow from. The reality of game is that  in order to become successful you have to fuck up a shit ton. Braddock says one of the reasons he’s one of the best in the world at game is because he has been blown out countless more times than anyone else out there. Its all a reference experience.

4. Fuck Resistance- I am not my negative emotions. Right Action Every Time

Braddock teaches in his inner-game seminar that your mind is constantly going to be throwing up walls and bad emotions to try to keep you from acting. The better you get at training yourself to separate your sense of self from your negative emotions and challenge resistance head on, the quicker you will become successful. Anytime I feel too tired to go out, hesitant to approach, not in the mood to work-out, or not take an action I know is good for me in the long term, I try to identify that this is resistance trying to stop me. I’ve learned to view resistance as my greatest enemy, and that my mission every day is to crush resistance. Obviously, I’m human and I still fail at this all the time, but internalizing the importance of right action no matter what kind of resistance I face has had a profoundly positive affect on my development this year.

5. Happiness is my normal state

I haven’t hooked up with a ’10′ yet. I mean like a out of this world, HOLY SHIT, WHAT THE FUCK, THIS IS THE HOTTEST CHICK EVER, BOMBSHELL, TEN. But when I do, I have accepted that nothing about my happiness in life will change. I have learned this year that happiness is something that can be fully experienced in the present moment no matter what. The same high degree of happiness I can feel right now is the same happiness I will feel with every awesome achievement in life. Happiness isn’t something that can be experienced in the future, it can only be experienced now. It’s a problem if you can’t be happy RIGHT NOW. Again, I obviously don’t feel happy all the time, but it has been paradigm shifting to realize that its not some random achievement in the future that is finally going to be the thing that makes me happy.

What an awesome year! Next Friday I’m going to post on the biggest inner-game challenges I’m going to be working on in 2013 so be sure to check in. Thanks for reading guys, and I hope you kick some ass this weekend!

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Want more dating tips for men from Dating Coach Braddock? Subscribe now:

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  2. Happiness isn’t something that can be experienced in the future” that is big for me, new angle of looking at happiness, you work towards improving yourself and your lifestyle not for happiness, happiness is in the moment, not the end result, the proccess result, dammn.. when you put it like that it much more strong for me! thanks dude

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