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Bible Errors From A Historian

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4 Responses to “Bible Errors From A Historian”

  1. Hi Braddock, how are you? You and Cajun were the only guys I followed a couple of years ago. I got a girlfriend and invested in a company that took all my time. Now, I’m single again. I’m looking for SNLs mostly now, but my success is limited. I think i’m less funny now im afraid haha. Feels like the competition has been getting harder as well!

    I try to read up a little, but I don’t trust these guys nowadays, many posts are SEO optimized and little good content. I liked you and Cajun because you’re cool guys. I would appreciate if you could do a general blog post on your thoughts how the game has changed these last 4 years.

  2. Hey Braddock, you must be crazy busy. It would be great to see more blog updates, even if your intern does them. You are one of the very few guys who I respect, and look up to. Hope all is well.

    P.s I just ordered psycho cybernetics, can’t wait to read that thing.

  3. THere’s only a couple of guys I follow in the pua community and braddocks is one of them. Good studd.

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