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Braddock on the Differences Between 10 Game and SNLS

Whats up you handsome devils,

Below is a segment from an interview with Braddock where he discusses the differences between same night lay and 10 game.

Check it out!

Braddock brings up calibration a lot in this segment and for good reason. 10 game is all about finding the perfect balance between calibration and frame control. This is something I’m still working really hard on in my own game. Sometimes, I’m so much in my own reality that I don’t bother to calibrate when I know I should. Other times, I’m so attracted to the girl that I let her dictate her frame onto me, which results in me being unable to generate attraction.

Like anything else in game, you are only going to learn to find this balance by consistently going out a ton, pushing it hard, and getting countless reference experiences.


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  2. Is this in “9 and 10 game” of the Interview Series with Braddock and Mr. M ?

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