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How to flirt with Women: Braddock on What to do When You Run Out of Things to Say

Whats Up Guys,

Something a lot of new guys struggle with is trying to figure out what to say when their mind draws a blank. Below is a segment from an interview with Braddock where he discusses what he does if he ever runs out of things to say.

Here’s a link to the blog post on the first 5 minutes that Braddock was talking about in the interview: How to talk to women: Breaking down the first five minutes

From an inner game perspective, something that I think is massively important that you keep in mind is that in all the years you have been alive there is an endless list of experiences you have gone through that you can talk about. Like if you were chilling with your best friend or your mom would you ever have a problem with coming up with something to talk about? Never.

So when you think about it, the problem isn’t actually that you don’t have anything to say, it that you are worrying about about whether or not a girl will find what you are saying is interesting. When you have this nervousness about whether or not the girl you are talking to is going to think what you are talking about is cool, you will inevitably get bad reactions from the girl because she is able to detect that you are being approval seeking.

Have you ever met a guy who you can tell is kissing your ass because he wants something from you? You can tell what he is saying isn’t authentic, and as a result the things he says annoy you. He might tell a joke that is actually really funny, but because the joke is coming from him you aren’t inclined to laugh. Its the exact same thing for a girl when she can sense you are trying to get her approval.

Does this mean you shouldn’t try to improve your conversational skills? NO. Like Braddock says in the interview, you should always being trying to improve the verbal aspects of your game. But always keep in mind that what’s most important is that whatever you say, you are saying it solely because its what you want to say. Proudly own everything that comes out of your mouth. Speak from a place where you aren’t worried about whether or not the girl is going to think what you are saying is cool.  When communicate from this place, girls will miraculously have a tendency to think the shit you are saying is awesome.

Ttu guys later!


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5 Responses to “How to flirt with Women: Braddock on What to do When You Run Out of Things to Say”

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  2. You guys are such teasers in your old age! Where is the rest of the interview?

  3. ha….sorry Tyrone.


  4. Well I would post it but Tyrone called me old so….

    Nah jk. There are 2 or 3 parts left I’ll post another one tomorrow.

    Glad you are enjoying the content :)

  5. Thanks champ! Another so called talk ex i read many years ago when I was a game geek is something called deep and wide. It may be more of a comfort building? (or perhaps a bedroom antic in some cases) but I find it works great. Basically you spread the topics far and wide covering a broad range then dig deep in the topics of interest to YOU or of genuine interest. That way you talk about stuff that is easier for you to just banter about since you already have some experience and knowledge. Also a great way to go into qualification. I also find once attraction is getting there I stop talking and let her start to contribute and show some personality to me. Do the top guys like yourselves do this sort of thing and have you heard about the deep and wide theory before?

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