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Braddock on Winging: The Glue and The Spike

Whats up guys,

Below is a segment from an interview with Braddock on winging. He discusses how to salvage when you wing is having trouble.

Check it out!

The glue and spike analogy that Braddock uses for winging in the vid is an awesome image. When you are out with your wing, make sure you guys are taking turns as needed being the spike in the interaction. Make sure to play off each other, and throw each other soft balls to help your wing get his spikes in. Remember that in the club you wing is your biggest asset.

He’s your teammate and you guys need to have a great time winging together if you are going to achieve success. I’ve gone out with a lot of guys who try to snipe girls off their wing, or don’t do anything to bring their wing value, completely ignore their wing, or even worse talk badly about their wing to other people in set. Don’t be that kind of guy!

Winging can make or break your success as a team. Realize that this is something to put some time into. While it can be frustrating for a while as you two try to get in sync, you won’t believe the weird things the two of you will start to sense and help each other with in unspoken ways. I can’t tell you how many times my buddies winging me have saved the day with amazingly hot women that I would never have converted with a bad or no wing. I can also attest to just how many women who liked me who I lost because I didn’t have a good wing to help me keep her friend entertained or keep her brutal friend from wrecking me for no reason.

This is one of the areas of game that is often under valued because it’s not sexy and it takes a lot of time to master.

Also keep in mind that your ability to be ok with your wing succeeding more than you in stretches is an inner game adjustment you need to make. But it’s worth it. Sometimes you will be on fire, sometimes he will be. This goes up and down and over stretches. Be ok with that.

Keep checking in for more interview segments with Braddock coming basically every week now.

Have a good week guys. Ttul


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