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Field Report- Street Game and Keeping Text Game Simple

Hey Guys-

Alright so this weekend was Braddock‘s birthday so he didn’t have time do an interview as we had planned. I did, however, get to head out to LA for the birthday party and hang out with everyone which was awesome!

Here’s a pic of Braddock setting up for a threesome at his birthday party:

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Haha jkjk…. In all seriousness,  one of the coolest parts about hanging out with Braddock in LA is that you get to see first hand what it looks like to have a top notch social circle. Braddock’s birthday brought out what seemed like at least 100 people, and you could tell they all loved Braddock to death. It was a great evening, and I’m glad I got to be included in it. If you haven’t yet, check out Braddock’s website on social circle mastery and get the dvd set. Its great stuff- www.socialcirclemastery.com

Adventures with Neverender- Street Game and Keeping Text Game Simple

Anyways, I thought I would mix it up this Monday, and share with you guys a field report from my weekend out in LA. I’ll try to cover a bunch of theory stuff as I go along… ENJOY

Saturday night after Braddock’s birthday party a few of his interns and myself head out to a club in Hollywood. I have had some trouble gaming in Hollywood in the past. For one, I have a really bad logistical situation while I’m in LA. I usually stay with my family about 20 minutes away, and I sleep on the couch so I don’t really have a place to pull. In the times I have pulled I have gone with the girl to her place, but the ball is so out of your court when you have to depend on the girl to handle any sort of logistical obstacles that it reduces your chances of going home with her dramatically. As the man, logistics are almost entirely your responsibility. Cover all your bases, and make it easy for the girl to go home with you. Make her take responsibility only when absolutely necessary.

Towards 2:00am  I decide to head out of the club and do some street game while exploring Hollywood. While walking, I see a cute girl walking ahead of me, and I catch up to her as she waits at a crosswalk. I stand next to her and smile.

Me: This is really embarrassing…

Her face lights up, as she can tell I’m about to say something funny.

Me: I was about to wear that exact same outfit, but I changed at the very last second.


Me: Glad we avoided that I’m Neverender btw

We start walking down the street together and its very clearly on. I keep the conversation very normal. We talk about what we are up to right now, where we are from, I create random future adventure projections on the fly and we laugh about it. I ask her what’s good to do right now and say I’m looking for adventure.

She tells me she’s a dancer and she is actually on her way to work so I know pulling that night probably isn’t possible. Eventually I tell her I’m going to head off to my car, but I pull her in and tell her I want to see her again and we start making out. I say we should grab a drink tomorrow and I’m staying at X hotel in Hollywood. She agrees, and after making out a little bit more and doing some random joking and teasing we go our separate ways.

An hour or so later I text her, and then I go for the meet up the next afternoon. I posted the text convo below. Notice that my text game here isn’t all that complicated. Given the positive momentum from our first interaction, and the clear timebridge I set up with her that night I’m assuming most of the work to make a meet up happen has already been done. I’m assuming she is what Braddock would call a ‘short fuse.’ With a short fuse, its all about just going for the meet-up and not doing anything to mess up the momentum. Keep it simple.

The frame I have in mind when I text girls is: I am coming from a place of mad abundance, and I don’t need to try to impress girls through text. She already knows I’m awesome, and if we hang out I will obviously continue to be awesome. Texting is simple. 

txt 11 168x300 Field Report  Street Game and Keeping Text Game Simple

Ok so notice in my first 3 texts that the content is totally normal. I’m simply arranging logistics. Now between my 3rd and 4th text you might notice there’s a time gap where she doesn’t respond.

THIS IS KEY: My simple texting style is great for communicating that I have abundance, I’m not needy at all, and I’m not a try hard which is all great. My style does run the risk however of becoming so straightforward to the point that it can come off as icy. This doesn’t always happen, but when it does occur, the girl can feel like she is losing the connection she had to me, and begins to disassociate me from the good emotions she experienced during our first interaction. Lol that sounds really bleak but I assure you this sounds worse than it actually is. By inserting some gamey humorous stuff into the convo, I can quickly take the girl back into the positive emotional state she was feeling before. After that I will go right back to the logistical stuff, and work towards arranging the meetup.

On a side note, its usually important to not double text when a girl doesn’t respond like I did here. Reason being it can suggest to the girl that you are worried that your previous text wasn’t well received and you are scrambling to fix it by texting her again. But again, in this case I’m almost certain that inserting a little bit of humor will keep me from coming off too icy, and will get her good emotions flowing again.

txt2 168x300 Field Report  Street Game and Keeping Text Game Simple
She responds almost instantly, so my instincts were correct and the good emotions are now flowing again. My plan is now to refocus on simply being normal and arranging logistics. Again this girl is a short fuse so I’m just keeping it simple. She throws some fun banter back my way though as you can see, so once again I respond with more gamey stuff, but I’m not doing anything risky or saying more in text than I need to.

txt33 168x300 Field Report  Street Game and Keeping Text Game Simple


She texts me before the meet-up and again I just respond with normal stuff. Obviously it’s a good sign when she is ok meeting up with me early.

I have been on a handful day 2s while visiting LA now, because I meet so many girls from LA in Vegas and I just keep in touch with them and go out with them when I visit LA. My day 2 is almost always the same. I meet the girl at this cool lounge that’s on the first floor of the hotel I get a room at for that night, and we hang out and drink in the lounge and eventually bounce back up to the room.  I love this date, because its very simple and has perfect logistics.

txt4 168x300 Field Report  Street Game and Keeping Text Game Simple

She sends me her address, and then explains there’s a problem as she doesn’t have her ID. I figure it shouldn’t be a problem though as I can just get her drink by myself at the bar at the lounge and bring it over to her without anyone every needing to ask for her id. I call her when I’m near her place, and we meet outside her apartment. When we meet, I could kiss her but I sense that it would be good for tension in this spot if I don’t kiss her yet. I can sense this simply because I have been in enough situations like this before. In some cases, it would be good to kiss her right then and there so its not an issue later. In this case, however, I know that I will be able to create an awesome moment by kissing her on an emotional high while we are hanging out in the lounge, and there will be a nice smooth ramp up of arousal that will eventually lead back to my hotel room.

While hanging out in the lounge the majority of our conversation is just completely normal comfort building stuff where we share about our lives. I pepper in a few teases and small takeaways here and there, but all in all it’s a lot like the text game where all you have to do is keep it simple and don’t be retarded and everything will be fine. Time is my friend in a situation like this, as the more time the girl and I spend together the more comfortable she becomes with me as she sees that I really am a cool guy. The more she sees how congruent I am, the more attracted she becomes, the easier the pull becomes.

The only real hurdle to overcome on this date, and it isn’t much of one, is to get the girl from the lounge up to my hotel room. I ease some of that tension by joking with the girl in the lounge that I’m a lightweight and after 2 drinks I’ll probably need her to carry me up to my room and tell her not to judge me for it. I also jokingly ask her if she’s a good cuddler which helps her to justify when we go back up to my room that we might just be going up there to cuddle. Obviously, deep down she knows that isn’t the case, but again its important for you as a man to take responsibility off the girl.

After we finish our drinks I tell her I need to use the restroom (which I do), and take her hand and say lets go. I keep conversation rolling the whole time while we are walking through the lounge to the elevator, and keep it going while we make our way to my room. Again, I know she wants to hook up, but she needs me to make it as easy as possible for her so I make sure I don’t allow for awkward silences while we are going back to my room. We get to my room, and I tell her to check out the view while I use the restroom and then we look at the view together briefly and talk about this ferarri parked out front, and I throw her onto the bed, and its smooth sailing from there. THE END

I think this field report does an awesome job illustrating that game usually doesn’t require you to be all that flashy. If you can just stay cool and congruent, the girl’s attraction will build more and more as time continues to go by. GAME IS SIMPLE AND TIME IS YOUR FRIEND. Work on finding the balance where you can be that guy who can talk to a girl for an hour in set, but you can still ramp it up and move things forward when the time is right.

Hope this helped guys. If you want more stuff like this, both good and bad field reports, I’m happy to post more of it. Just let me know if you prefer this kind of stuff or just general theory articles. Any questions and comments are appreciated

Ttu later


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5 Responses to “Field Report- Street Game and Keeping Text Game Simple”

  1. Hey Neverender, good to mix field reports with theory. It is great to see the more practical side and confirm things that I am also experiencing. If at some points you can give some tips about how to handle groups and two sets, it would be helpful, especially considering that my friends are not very skilled on this.

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  3. Hey dude, this post was great. It really reminded me what game was about. Creating adventures. It’s been a while since I wrote one of these but yours took me back to when I did.

    The stuff you wright is good.

    Thanks for the post,

    - Andrew

  4. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say, more field reports please

  5. Definitely more field reports. This was great.

    Thanks man

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