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How to Attract Women: Interview on Physical Escalation

How to Attract Women without physically escalating

I’m so pumped this is finally getting posted! If you are looking for tips on how to attract women, this interview is a must listen.

Below is a segment from an interview I did with Braddock where we covered physical escalation, specifically concerning same night lays.

I mentioned in an older post and in the video that rapid physical escalation is one of my favorite parts about game, but there are definitely some circumstances where physically escalating just isn’t the best route to take with the girl.

While I encourage guys to be pushing the physical boundaries and constantly trying to make new discoveries about what’s possible, I learned a ton from Braddock’s description of how at an advanced level you can build massive amounts of sexual tension without touching the girl at all.

Check it out!

Couple of things I took away from this segment:

‘Be able to give girls blue balls’- This is gold.

Again for guys who don’t know how to attract women or for guys who are not getting lots of make-outs and pulling girls home yet- GET PHYSICAL! You need to be going out and discovering the boundaries when it comes to touch, experiencing first hand what you can get away with, reshaping your beliefs to understand that girls LOVE your touch, and learning to be a man who can confidently act on his own intentions. There are too many guys in game who try to use verbal sexual hoops, but it comes off as weak and in-congruent because the girl can clearly tell they’re not the kind of guys who have the balls to back up what they’re saying. The girl needs to be able to sense that at any moment you wouldn’t have any problem taking her to the bathroom and fucking the shit out of her. YOU ARE A MAN.

But at a more advanced level, being able to be the guy who isn’t afraid to quickly physically escalate, but at the same time can take just as much pleasure in creating massive amounts of sexual tension, and yet not act on it is something really rare.

I played around with this over the weekend, and winded up having a ton of fun with it. I ran into a girl who turned out to be really good friends with my ex from high school, and we were able to build a lot of sexual tension by creating the false barrier that we can’t do anything because if my ex found out she would kill this girl. For a good hour and a half I kept bringing this girl in like I was gonna make out with her only to shove her away, and say things like ‘God I hate you so fucking much. We can’t do this. This is so bad.I don’t even know why I like you. Get the fuck away from me.’

By the time we finally got to the make-out the sexual tension was through the roof!

Again keep in mind that even though there wasn’t much physical escalation through the first hour or two of the interaction, it was so clear to the girl that I was the kind of guy who could certainly physically escalate if he wanted to. If that wasn’t being subcommunicated, the verbals wouldn’t count for anything.

Also, like Braddock teaches in the interview, I was escalating logistically a ton too. We were moving all through the club together, going to the bar, the bathroom, the bar at the other end of the club, talking to friends throughout the club, and eventually the dance floor where the make-out went down, and the physical escalation began to catch up with the verbal and logistical. Good stuff.

As always, please leave comments and questions down below.

We will keep posting new interview content with Braddock (hopefully weekly) so keep checking in.


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4 Responses to “How to Attract Women: Interview on Physical Escalation”

  1. [...] Physical Escalation/Same Night Lays appeared first on Dating Tips and Advice for Men. Source: Braddock   December 17th, 2012 | Category: [...]

  2. Hi Neverever!
    I like that you’ve been posting on braddocksblog. It’s very informative and that teasing post, I’ve already learned a ton from! You don’t have to answer this question if you don’t want because it’s pretty personal. But it something I’ve been thru myself and I would like a insight from you.

    I couldnt help but notice that you said you atleast “been kissing” with your ex girlfriends- friend. And you didn’t seem to have any problem to get physical with her. Even though I’ve never been in a serious relationship, I’ve been dating a girl, then “cheated” on her with her best friend. This was only after about one month of dating.

    But they really made me look like a villain, and I felt like one too. I remember I felt really fucked up emotionally. Feeling guilty as hell. The sex with her friend, was the hottest sex I ever had. So the experience was awesome. And now I have another girl with a boyfriend flirting with me, I want her so bad, but I can’t imagine what I would feel like if I go thru with it.

    Whats your mindset when it comes to this kind of stuff? I feel like I’m missing out on cool experiences. I’m pretty young aswell.

  3. Hey thanks dude. Really glad to hear that the content has been helping you out.

    Just to be clear, the ex in the story above was a girl I dated back when I was 15 years old, and I haven’t seen or spoken to her in 4 or 5 years. My ex and I aren’t part of each other’s lives or social circle and we have both moved on. So the false barrier put in place between me and her friend is definitely not a big deal in reality. The friend and I just played around with the idea we couldn’t do anything because of my history with my ex as a way to build sexual tension. It was basically a roleplay, and no one was actually getting their feelings hurt or whatever. I think its also important to note that both the friend and I had a clear unspoken (but can sometimes be spoken) understanding that whatever went down between us would be kept between us. Women need to know that if they get involved with you they can trust in your social intelligence, and know that you aren’t going to do anything that’s going to make them look bad. Women are incredibly social beings, and how they are perceived socially holds massive MASSIVE importance. I hope that makes sense.

    Anyways, regarding how I feel about cheating: I grew up in a really religious family, and part of my own personal development over the last couple of years has revolved around me breaking away from the faith I was brought up with, and giving myself a chance to make my own decisions and decide for myself what is right or wrong. With that said, I think that whatever you decide to do in life you should do it above all else because its what YOU believe is right.

    So I’m leaning away from giving you an opinion on where I stand morally on the issue. You alone determine your standards and values, and it isn’t my place to tell you what those should be. Keep in mind, however, you need to always be thinking about how shit like cheating is going to affect you in your social circle. Part of getting great at game requires building strong social intelligence. Its important you consider the long term consequences of your actions before you do anything. In the story above, for example, I wouldn’t have done anything with my ex’s friend if I were still connected to their social circle and I knew I could fuck a lot of shit up by getting involved with the friend, or I knew that I would be hurting someone I cared about by doing anything with the friend. If any of those things were true, then I would say the cons outweigh the pros and I wouldn’t have done anything. I consider myself someone who gives people good emotions and real value. I never want to be a burden to others. So keep the big picture stuff in mind. Definitely don’t let your dick do all the thinking for you.

    I haven’t done anything I’m ashamed of or regret, and I take everything I do as part of a learning process. However, I can promise you that there are TONS of awesome experiences to be enjoyed with women that don’t require shitty situations like cheating.

    Hope this helps

  4. thanks for the quick reply. You pointed out a lot of stuff i didnt think about. :)

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