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Inner Game Tip on Handling a Painful Low- By Neverender


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Whats up guys,

I mentioned in the inner game post about Being a Kid in a Toy Store that in my personal experience I have had all kinds of shitty interactions with girls. Everybody has, and you need to understand that facing resistance and rejection is an inevitable obstacle you need to overcome on your path towards mastery. I love it when Braddock says that the reason he is one of the best in the world is because he has gotten blown out thousands of more times than anyone else. Braddock says that, ‘What you realize from learning game is that its full of highs, lows, and plateaus.’  Being able to get through the lows without getting immobilized by the bad beliefs and emotions stirring inside you is imperative.

The more you go out and the more your beliefs begin to change, the tougher your skin gets. You begin to not give a shit about rejection most of the time, and are able to quickly recover after painful circumstances.

With that said, however, there will absolutely be times where you get blown out really hard and you can’t help but hurt deeply. There will be plenty of unfortunate occurances where you get a girls number that you really like and shit hits the fan over the phone, or you have a bad day 2, or you run into LMR, and so on.

I wanted to share with you guys a mantra I use when I start hurting over a girl. This mantra ALWAYS gets me fired up and back in the game when I start to feel shitty. I came up with it 3 or 4 months ago, and the story behind it comes from one of my all time favorite moments in field where one of the  hottest girls I have ever spoken to, who I had to sneak into the VIP just to talk to, asked me why I thought I would have a chance with her.

Next time you really hurt over a girl you lost it with, go somewhere private, take out your phone or wherever you have this mantra saved, and just say it to yourself a few times. Internalize it. Understand that what you are about to read isn’t positive thinking bullshit. Its absolutely true. Its a core principal to your life.

Imagine saying to the girl with a confident smile on your face:

 “Today you might not have liked me. But that’s fine. Because the truth is, today you are looking at the very worst version of myself you will ever see. Tomorrow I’m going to be even better than I was today, and the next day I’ll be even better than that, and the next day even better… And at some point I promise you, you are going to realize you made a mistake when you decided to let me go.”

After saying this to that smoking hot chick in the VIP, inspired by my own words, I began to proudly walk off. Before I could turn my back though, the girl stopped me and while smiling reached for my necklace. She held it in her hand for a few moments then looked up at me and smiled and said, ‘I really like this.’

Women are awesome guys. On this journey you are going to have a lot of great experiences with them and some really crappy ones too. No matter what outcomes come from your actions, keep in mind that every interaction is just a stepping stone in getting you to where you ultimately want to be.

Go out and give this mantra a try next time you hit a major low, and let me know if it helps. Remember that after you say it and internalize it, ACT ON IT. Don’t just say this and go back to playing video games alone on your couch. Go back and error correct and figure out what you could have done better, go hit the gym, or get back to working on that business project, or go into field. The mantra means nothing and won’t help you if you aren’t following through and acting on the words you are saying.

Hope you guys have an awesome weekend. Please leave questions or feedback in the comments. Next post coming Monday!


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6 Responses to “Inner Game Tip on Handling a Painful Low- By Neverender”

  1. I literally said “oh shit” when I read that mantra. It’s the very core of what every man should believe for himself. If we don’t live to the fullest potential he was innately born with, what a waste of a life! What a waste of an opportunity.

    Life is not about what we can accomplish. Some will do better at certain things because genetic makeup, upbringing, and other outside factors that are beyond our control. Literally, there is nothing we can do about some things. But what every man is blessed with, what every man is born on equal ground with, is the ability to expand or contract our determination, drive and heart. This is something we have full control over and there is something extremely empowering about that. We were all born with the power to choose – to choose what to do about our circumstances. And our CHOICES, will define us, it will separate us from others (as well as bring like-minded people together).

    I went out today and I got blown out today in almost all my approaches. It was depressing during the middle of the night, when girls would reject me on sight. But I pressed on, and as the night went on the more confident and driven I became. My feelings of hopelessness were replaced by feelings to improve myself. I thought of ways to become more confident in myself so that I could approach girls with complete relaxation (not to be confused with lack of energy. You can be exciting and fun while being completely relaxed inside). I am going to continue working out, find cloth that fit me well and look good on me, work on my skin complexion (I have acne scars) and most importantly, continue go out 3-4 nights a week and get better at my game.

    I think this mantra will keep me going. Because whatever shit happens today, I will only come back stronger and better. There is no way I am going to decline. I am not going to let myself.

  2. Please make your next bootcamp in Europe Braddock!
    Would buy a spot in a sec :)

  3. I with stefan

    you both should come to europe


  4. haha thanks for reading guys! Neverender is doing a great job. Are you guys finding these posts useful?

    I might do London somewhere in the next 6 months.

    Where are you guys from?


  5. most liked neverender’ posts on attraction, however thanks for the inner game stuff dude.

    qualification/emotional connection for daygame flakes would be really helpful, I’ve been stuck for months.

    p.s. I’m from london, 6 months looking forward!

  6. Yeah, it’s nice. I really liked the teasing post, that was money!
    What I would like is to get more insight of “the mentor – student” relationship you guys have. Like the things neverender thinks about and the advice you give him, and how he acted on that advice. I think that would be really helpful.

    And not to be the person who is that person, but if neverender could get a picture now and then in the posts would make it easier to read them :)

    I’m from Sweden. But I would rather not go on a bootcamp here 😛

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