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Learning Presence To Enjoy Success With Women More Fully

Whats up guys


I apologize for not writing anything on here in the last couple of weeks. As I mentioned in a previous post, I recently got a new business mentor and work has been my number one priority lately. I’m continuing to learn a lot, and it feels great to be kicking ass in business again. Even though I have been incredibly busy, life has been pretty simple lately. I work on my business, I workout, and I have sex. Its been awesome. The recent groove I’ve been in has gotten me thinking a lot about the idea of presence, what it means to me, and how essential being present is not just to having success with women, but to having a happy overall life.

Before I talk about this, I want to make clear that I don’t really associate presence with spirituality. Whether or not there is such a thing as enlightenment or if there is a God or whether or not people have a spirit I have no idea. When I think of presence, I think of it more scientifically than spiritually. Presence is primal.

We live in a weird day in age. Humans are so evolved and fucking smart and we have created all this cool shit, but at the same time our brains aren’t designed to handle all the artificial stimulus that’s so readily available to us. Our food tastes too good, our television shows are too stimulating, porn is a thing, and we have come to realize that basically any kind of high we could ever want can be reached without ever getting off the couch. The obvious problem that comes from all this artificial stimulus is that people become lazy, because they don’t need to work hard to get the highs they are after. But I think the problems with artificial stimulation run even deeper than that. I think all of this artificial stimulation contributes to chronic unhappiness in society as a whole as people become so addicted to the chemical highs from the artificial pleasures that they can’t find anything in the real world to match the artificial high. I think people in today’s society have become numb to real life, and are losing their passion for living. When you don’t have a passion for life, you aren’t an attractive person, and if you aren’t attractive you don’t get the attention from the opposite sex.


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Here’s and illustration some of you guys might be able to relate to: When I first met Braddock on my bootcamp in LA, I told him that even though my game was getting solid, I was running into problems in the bedroom. In short, I wasn’t always able to get my dick hard during sex. I had told him that I had been raised in a very strict religious home, and I figured the issue was that I had been conditioned by my church to think of premarital sex as being something sinful and dirty, and that guilt and shame was keeping me from being able to enjoy sex. I remember feeling incredibly shitty about my ED, but Braddock assured me that if I just kept at it eventually the problem would correct itself. He was right. A couple of months after that bootcamp all of a sudden my ED had completely disappeared and I figured it must’ve been because my inner-game had gotten stronger. It was only a few months later I realized that my ED had nothing to do with my inner-game

I read an article on the internet a few months ago that talked about how it was possible for guys to develop the ability to have multiple orgasms during sex. It blew my mind! MULTIPLE FULL ON ORGASMS DURING SEX WITHOUT STOPPING! Obviously, as soon as I read about it I got a book on how to become multiorgasmic and began working on it. It actually didn’t take me that long to finally get the whole mutliorgasm thing down. There’s a free ebook on it on the web, and I’m on a new computer now but I’m sure I can track down the link to it if you guys want. Anyways, I worked really hard on becoming multiorgasmic for about 2 and half weeks. I didn’t have sex at all during this time. All my ‘training’ was done solo (with help from youporn). Anyways, when I was finally ready I couldn’t wait to take a girl home and put my newly acquired skills to use. Problem was… When I did pull a girl home that weekend I couldn’t get hard. I had NO IDEA what the hell was going on, but I had this beautiful girl lying naked on my bed and I wasn’t turned on AT ALL. I couldn’t blame this on bad inner-game though. I felt fine, I just wasn’t turned on. What was the problem?

The problem had been that I had been at home watching porn for nearly 3 weeks straight (prior to this I hadn’t watched porn in ages), and the crazy overstimulation that porn creates in the brain had numbed my brain to actual real life sex. It was then I realized that back when I was younger, and had ED it wasn’t because I was guilty about sex it was simply because instead of having sex (which I thought to be more sinful than porn/masturbation) I would watch porn. Apparently, porn induced ED is actually a very real epidemic that is affecting a lot of guys in their 20s. Even the girl I was attempting to hook up with at the time mentioned to me that she has had 5 or 6 guys who weren’t able to get hard with her… And she was really freaking hot. For more info on this check out yourbrainonporn.com. Below are a couple of vids I pulled off the site. Even if you are a beast in the sack, I think its pretty fascinating stuff.


After some recovery time I was back to normal, but it really got me thinking about how we numb ourselves to real life by overdosing on artificial stimulation every day, often times without even realizing it. I think the reason so many guys aren’t able to go out and have fun interacting with women is for the simple reasons that they are so addicted to constantly being hit with artificial stimulus that they can’t fully appreciate how awesome women are. Instead of  being able to build real connections with women, a lot of guys tend to have this painful neediness about them that doesn’t even come from low self-esteem it just comes from being addicted to getting spoon fed dopamine hits all the time. When you are able to enjoy life without depending on constant stimulation, you become content and no longer feel needy. I have found the more I detach myself from artificial stimulus, the more present I become. I sleep better, I enjoy the little things more, I work with better efficiency, I connect with women better, and so much more.

In addition to cutting myself off from artificial stimulus, I try to actively work towards learning to quiet my mind and be present to the moment. I love the shit out of myself and I love the world I have been blessed to live in and I want to experience it as fully as possible. I do a lot of simple things everyday to work on my presence. One of my favorite things to do to is to keep my eyes closed and try to be present to the moment while I do cardio everyday on the elliptical. I try to feel every muscle in my body, notice every drop of sweat, and the pulsing in my hands while the grip the handles. Time flies by, and it’s a very profound experience every time. I focus on presence in the bedroom too. I don’t rush. For you guys who cum too quick its very likely that your body is so desperate to reach the climax that its numb to all the build up. I find every tiny sensation during sex amazing. I think the secret to sexual stamina is to learn to be sensitive to as many physical sensations that come from sex as possible. Work on being in tune with every feeling your body has from that tingle that runs down your spine when the girl first touches you to the very end.

Achieving success with women is great, but it isn’t worth much if you aren’t able to enjoy it fully when you get it. Too many guys are in the game to get an ego boost. What a waste. Its been alright getting attention from friends over my success with women, but truthfully I care about it less and less every day. Its actually something I now try to consciously reject, because if I start identifying myself as that guy who all my friends think is great with women I’m going to start feeling pressured to live up to the hype they are putting on me. I’d much rather keep it low key and not let that shit go to my head. That way when I go out I can just focus on having a good time, and let whatever happens happen. When you let your ego come into play, you lose touch with being present to the moment and you become emotionally wrapped up in the outcome. When you become emotionally invested in the outcome, you don’t get the results you want. Ego is just another artificial stimulus. It isn’t real, and it takes away from being able to enjoy the things in life that can actually be felt.

Anyways, This post is long enough so I’m going to wrap it up there. I’m going to try to at least get one post up a week, and I appreciate all you guys following. I got a couple of emails from people asking why I wasn’t posting and it was very heartwarming. So thanks again for reading!

Ttu guys later


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8 Responses to “Learning Presence To Enjoy Success With Women More Fully”

  1. [...] Learning Presence To Enjoy Success With Women More Fully » Learning Presence To Enjoy Success With Women More [...]

  2. Epic blog post.

    This is one of the most important lessons in pick up and life. Being in the moment, being present. Most guys doing pick up are in their head the whole time when they’re out. They act like it’s a literal game. They open a set, girl responds how they want (that’s 100 points), what’s the next move? Ahh… solid eye contact/girl touching her hair (another 50 points). Point is, the best thing you can do is internalize everything you learn in pick up. When you do that, you can be completely present in the moment, while utilizing everything you’ve learned naturally.

  3. Neverender,

    What is your advice for guys who watch porn 2-3x week like myself?

    Have you stopped watching all together? Do you think that dramatically increased your sex life/sex performance?


  4. I’d say its a case by case basis. I know dudes who beat off all the time and as far as I know their sex lives aren’t affected by it at all. I’m def not saying every guy shouldn’t watch porn nor is porn the main focus of the post.

    But yes for me personally I don’t watch porn at all. And yes it has made a dramatic difference in not just my sex life, but in my life as whole. Whether or not your life is better or worse without it is totally up to you though.


  5. Good post dude. I like reading your stuff, it’s always a good reminder.

    - Andrew

  6. Awesome post, man, as usual. This is something I’ve been working on for a while now outside of game, and I think it’s really applicable to improving interactions with women too.

    I’d be really interested in reading the multi-orgasmic book you mentioned. Do you happen to remember what it was called or where you found it?

  7. Thanks dude,

    I was able to find the link again.


    Have fun!

  8. Thanks, Neverender. I’m definitely going to check it out.

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