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The Essentials: Super Conference VIII DVD SET LAUNCHES TODAY!!!

The Essentials: Love Systems Super Conference VIII DVD

The Ultimate Course for Succeeding with Beautiful Women
Eight of the world’s top dating coaches – Nick Savoy, Braddock, Future, Cajun, Jeremy Soul, Chris Shepherd (Tenmagnet), Fader and Keychain – have come together to bring you the most complete and effective home study course on meeting, attracting and seducing the woman of your dreams. Whether you’re nervous approaching women, looking to add more sexual adventure to your lifestyle, or anything in between, The Essentials: SuperConference VIII from Love Systems is the perfect course for you and will help you crush your problems with the opposite sex so you can take your love life to a whole new level.

What You Get in The Essentials
The backbone of The Essentials: SuperConference VIII is 10 DVDs by 8 of the world’s top pickup artists. These include all of the core topics for modern approaching and dating (attraction, inner game, phone & text game, dates, quick fixes), advanced material (frame control, avoiding the friend zone, fashion and identity), and the final Love Systems presentation by Master Instructor and Day Game Guru Jeremy Soul!

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In addition, you get two Master Class videos so you can see clients practicing pick up techniques on real models over and over until they nail them – after each round one of our experts gives tailored feedback so you can see how to identify your own mistakes and fix them. 5 Infield Videos take you into the bars and clubs with hidden camera crews so you can see Love Systems instructors and clients approaching women and using our tested techniques.

Take special note of the body language, vocal tone, facial expressions, physical escalation, and other elements that can’t be conveyed in text! Finally, At-Home Exercises reinforce the tips and techniques offered in the videos; you won’t get results without taking action.

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The Essentials – Bonuses
We’ve turbo charged this course with bonuses that will eliminate your chance of failure and ensure that you’ll get the girl of your dreams! 10+ hours of Dating Essentials MP3s (audio versions of the DVD seminars) let you absorb all of the content while driving, sitting on the train, exercising, or just working on your computer.

These audio seminars will inspire, entertain and teach you about women during times that would be otherwise wasted. Nick Savoy’s “Secrets of Attraction” Q&A and Webinar was a 90-minute event in which thousands of men in the Love Systems community gathered together to learn the latest attraction methods, watch infield video, and go through questions. We’ve captured that webinar on video and will share it with you. Finally, included with The Essentials is 1 FREE month of enrollment in the world’s top dating mentorship program – Mastermind Lifeline.

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Modeled after the way Love Systems trains its instructors, this program includes a personal dating coach, 24 x 7 email / text message support, 2 phone consultations, a monthly webinar taught by a Love Systems Lifeline dating coach, and monthly interview series with perspectives from our top dating coaches on the latest topics.

Try Before You Buy – 1 Hour of FREE sample clips from The Essentials

In the next two weeks we’re releasing over one hour of FREE sample clips with previews directly from The Essentials. These videos not only give you an idea of what’s on the DVDs but also teach you valuable lessons about attraction, dates, and more. Watch live recorded talks, infield talks, and master class segments with all eight dating coaches that prove that people of all races, physiques, personalities, and professions can succeed with beautiful women. It’s even a glimpse into the annual Dating SuperConference in Las Vegas where hundreds of clients and instructors get together for a weekend of women, debauchery, and life transformation!


Love Systems stands by its products and this one is no different. The Essentials comes with a no questions asked, 30 day money back guarantee. Within 30 days, if you’re not happy with your results for whatever reason at all, simply give our support team a call or shoot them an email and we’ll gladly and promptly issue you a 100% refund. We’re willing to take the risk for you. That’s because we value your satisfaction and we’re confident that after you’ve tried even just a couple of techniques in this course you won’t even possibly think of returning it!

The Essentials: SuperConference VIII will be released to the public in limited quantity TODAY January 17th.

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