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Neverender’s Journal- 5 Steps to Improve Your Outer-Game Fast!

So you just finished reading Magic Bullets, or the Routines Manual, or some other awesome Love Systems product and you are now ready to go out into field and put the stuff you read about into play. Problems arise, however, when you get to the club and the second you walk though the door the music is blaring, there are intimidatingly hot women everywhere, and suddenly you can’t for the life of you remember that transition routine with the rings, or what comes after attraction, or what the third sexual hoop is. You start to stress out from trying to recall all the concepts your read about, and you feel yourself slowly start to shut down. You have been told the number 1 rule when going out is to ‘HAVE FUN,’ but how the hell are you supposed to have fun when you are busting your butt to try to apply all this shit you read, and you feel like its falling apart more and more with every passing minute you’re in the club?

Or maybe you have been going out for a while now, but you aren’t seeing the improvements you would like to see in your game happening at the rate at which you would like them to happen. You keep going out and you keep trying to implement new things all the time, and maybe some nights things go ok and other nights things seem really off. Aside from continually going out, how do you improve your technical skills at a more consistent and effective rate?

My game is still under construction, but I think one thing I have become very good at is learning to improve my technical skills in an effective and efficient manner. Below, I have listed 5 steps to make the development of your outer-game a much smoother process than it is for most guys.

Step 1: Accept That You Will Get Good At Your Own Pace

I met an instructor at Superconference this year named Sterling. Sterling’s story is pretty epic. Over the course of about a year, Sterling went from being a student at his first bootcamp to being hired as an instructor at Love Systems. It’s a meteoric rise and his story inspires me to push myself, and to never get a big head because there’s always someone out there doing things better than me at a faster rate.

On the other hand, I spoke with another individual at Superconference, who after reading Magic Bullets went out consistently for 2 years without achieving any success at all. ‘It took two years before I hooked up with a girl.’ It blew my mind. Never the less, this individual has since been made an instructor at Love Systems, and was voted as one of the top 10 instructors this year at Superconference. Its an inspiring story that stands to prove with hard work and dedication even the most socially awkward dude in the world can grow and eventually master this stuff.

I’m telling you about these two instructors to emphasize that EVERYONE is going at their own pace. You have to give yourself permission to work on this as long as it takes to get good. READ THAT AGAIN. You have to give yourself permission to work on this as long as it takes to get good.

It may take you 6 months before you start to taste success, maybe a year, maybe two years, but what Braddock says is true ‘What is the alternative?’ You weren’t happy with what you were getting before right? So don’t turn back. Stick with this and stop worrying about how long its going to take before you start getting the results you want. This isn’t an inngergame post though so lets move on icon smile Neverenders Journal  5 Steps to Improve Your Outer Game Fast!

Step 2: Commit to Showing Up and Showing Up Consistently

Working on your outer-game is a lot like body building. The most important thing you can do to get big is to show up at the gym every day you are scheduled to work out. Its been said that if you take a week off from going to the gym you will lose 2 weeks worth of gains. The improvements you make to your game can be won and lost in a very similar fashion. In game, you might work your ass off and hit the club religiously for 2 months, but if you take a whole month off you’re going to lose a handle on most of what you learned and all your positive momentum will be lost.

No matter what, show the fuck up!

Most instructors say you need to being going out at a minimum of 2 nights a week. If you aren’t consistently showing up, you are not going to see improvement.

Step 3: Break Things Down Into Bite Sized Pieces

Braddock is awesome at explaining this to students. When you go out, focus on working on one thing at a time. Additionally, make the thing you are working on practical. I love living in Vegas, because I get to meet tons of guys from the Love Systems community when they come out here for vacation. I learn a lot from instructors who visit, and going out with other students is fun and inspiring. Inevitably though, with guys who are still learning, I have a lot of conversations like this:

Me: So what are you working on tonight?

Joe: I want to work on bouncing the girl back to my place the same night I meet her.

Me: Awesome. How are you doing with transitioning?

Joe: Ummm. I don’t know. I haven’t really worked on it much.

Me: icon sad Neverenders Journal  5 Steps to Improve Your Outer Game Fast!

Are you able to open sets without thinking about what to say? No? Alright well your life is easy. I recommend you have two goals when you go out: 1.HAVE FUN 2.OPEN SETS!

For a lot of guys, it would be hugely beneficial to just to spend a month going out 3 times a week and focusing on nothing but opening. Take 5 openers and master them. Get the positive reference experiences built up so that you can go up to any girl and say ‘You are fucking gorgeous’ and know that a good percentage of the time that opener is going to land.

Then work on transitioning. Go out 3 nights a week with the goals: 1. HAVE FUN 2. TRANSITION!

Make a goal that you will do each of your 3 transitions 2 times tonight. If you hit your goals then you succeeded on the night. Do your best to disregard thinking about stuff like ‘Did I get laid this week?’ or ‘How many numbers did I get tonight?’  I’m telling you that sort of thinking is going to frustrate you, and its going to slow down the rate at which you improve your technical skills. Your only focus is to work on the very simple, but specific and effective goals you laid out for yourself at the beginning of the night.

Personally, right now I’m working on my sub-communications and smoothening out my physical escalation. Its an expansive topic, and there are a lot of parts to it that I’m struggling with. I’m going to continue to keep my goals simple every night I go out though, and continue to try to figure out how to make improvements and bug the shit out of Braddock with questions until I feel that part of my game is strong and I can move onto something else.

Step 4: Record Your Results

If you are breaking parts of your game down into very small pieces you might start to get anxious you aren’t seeing the results you want fast enough. Its important not to let impatience get in the way of your learning.

Recording your results is massively important, because its going to help you see the gradual improvements you are making. Seeing gradual improvements recorded in your journal is going to help build confidence in yourself and in the process. The momentum builds on itself too so you’re rate of learning increases that much more.

Step 5: Error Correct

For guys who go out a lot but don’t feel like they are improving as fast as they expect- this is probably your biggest problem. You always want to be seeking ways to correct mistakes you might be making. This is another reason why journaling and recording results are so important. If you notice reoccurring themes coming up as problems in your journal entries, you will be able to identify them as sticking points and take action towards correcting the error. Sometimes you can error correct by just thinking about the problem and letting your mind figure it out. Other times, its going to be better and faster to seek the help of a mentor or try to find new knowledge. That’s why Love Systems exists. There’s an endless list of mentors and resources at your disposal to help you with your error correction.

So try this stuff out guys and let me know if it helps. Again, any feedback is greatly appreciated and if you have questions or comments you can post them below or email me at Neverender21@live.com. I’m going to be posting every Tuesday with field reports/exercises so be sure to check back in later this week!

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3 Responses to “Neverender’s Journal- 5 Steps to Improve Your Outer-Game Fast!”

  1. Great post man.

    This covers one of the most frustrating points I deal with every day as a teacher. “How do I get them to just show up!?” So many guys miss out on becoming great with women simply because they dabble and half ass their effort out of frustration.

    Stop focussing on the outcome and WORSHIP the process. The outcomes you want with women are born out of following the process with steadfast discipline and making small corrections along the way.

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