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Prostitutes of God (Documentary): Another reason for me to hate religion.

As I preach all the time on my blog and via twitter, I can’t stand religion for a million reasons, but this video is just another strong reminder.

You can sell your 12 year old daughter into prostitution and you sleep ok at night because you think male children are the liberators of your soul when you die. HOLY SHIT!!!!

Look how fucked up the repercussions are of some twisted religious belief. What annoys me the most is that someone reading this who is Christian or some other religion will think, “Yeah this belief is insane. Can you believe they actually think that is real and go as far as to sell their daughters into prostitution when they are just kids. Those crazy sinners.”

No…..You are just as insane! I happened to stumble into this video, but all of you guys are equally crazy. Making fundamental life decisions, especially ones that harm others and shield it under the vail of some God’s work is crazy as fuck in any religion and ALL OF THEM DO IT IN ONE FORM OR ANOTHER!!! How can people not see that. Blows my fucking mind.

People all over facebook saying, “Thank Jesus for such a blessed holiday season and for my families health.” Are you serious??? You think your God blessed you with a good holiday season but smited this poor innocent 12 year old Indian girl who lives in a psychotic caste system in India and has parents who believe in God’s who say, “Only your male children can help save your soul.”

Riiight. Guess what chief, if your sister or mom happened to be born in India in the wrong caste system this video could very easily be her. You hit the damn genetic lottery and were lucky enough to be born in a Westernized society who thank goodness has a strong enough economy where peoples basic needs are constantly met reducing their drive to freak out when things are bad and assume God is punishing us creating a vacum for extreme religion to rise.

You want to say a prayer and thank someone? Thank George Washington and the other fathers of the Revolutionary War. They have much more to do with your “blessed holiday season” than any God.


How can you watch things like this and deep down you know these people believe in their god/gods and religious books just as strongly as you do yours, but you can shake your head taking some moral high ground and think they are wrong or crazy, but not look at your own shit and think…”Man, mine is just something I chose to believe, much like when someone chooses to be a Yankees fan over a Dodgers fan. If I think their crazy and their God/Gods are bullshit, than logic says, mine is equally crazy to believe in and just as insane.”


And Don’t forget these dangerous assholes. Can you imagine if they had political power, massive funding, guns, and a huge following? Holy fucking shit.

And of course these crazies…
*Beheadings in the name of God
*Brutality to women
*This list would never end…

He’s not kidding… Mormon’s really believe this fucking shit…

Religious people scare the shit out of me.

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