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Braddock on When to Focus on Social Circle Building vs Cold Approach

Happy New Year Guys!

Below is a segment from an interview I did with Braddock where we discussed the pros and cons of focusing on building a social circle vs cold approach.

I think out of all the help I have gotten from Braddock, this sort of stuff where he sheds light on long term goals and life strategies are what I have found the most helpful. Game is a never ending journey with infinite stages and layers to it. Without a clear vision for what specifically you are working on, it can feel like you are wondering aimlessly. At the time of this interview, I remember feeling really uncertain on whether or not the vision I had for my journey was one that would best serve me. How much cold approach should I be doing? How long should I do it? When do I start building a social circle? How do I find the balance between building a social circle vs going out and doing cold approach?

Before you guys listen to this, try to do a diagnostic on what kind of emphasis cold approach or social circle presently has on your life. Is your cold approach game strong enough to the point where building a social circle is going to be the only way to dramatically increase the abundance of women you have in your life or do you already have strong social connections and you need to put an emphasis on learning how to go out and achieve glory without needing to lean on your social circle? Do you have neither Whether or not you need to be working on your cold approach or social circle skills, I think this audio will provide some great insight on how to cultivate the long term strategies you need to reach that level where you are crushing it on all fronts of your game. Enoy!


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4 Responses to “Braddock on When to Focus on Social Circle Building vs Cold Approach”

  1. Hella good audio!

    I just have one question. I’m now in college where it’s insanely easy to build a social circle. However, once you graduate and go into real life, it might not be that easy. And I know that Braddock has achieved this goal of building a massive social circle, in a setting completely outside of college. Who do you do that?

    Thanks a lot!

  2. […] post Braddock on When to Start Focusing on Social Circle vs Cold Approach appeared first on Dating Tips and Advice for […]

  3. Hey Mike have you watched the Social Circle Mastery DVD’s? That concept is covered in great detail in those and far to long for a blog post.

    Thanks for the comment. You should also check out my free college game videos. They are somewhere on my blog or google “College Game by Braddock”

  4. I have watched your materials, SCM DVDs and the College Game videos, and let me tell you, they changed my life. Those are probably some of best contributions in the community ever.

    However, I was wondering what are the specific social scenarios outside college you can act upon. I know the ‘what’ – being at the top of a social tree, navy seal team, buzz, ones off, etc – I just need to know the ‘who’ – Greek life network full of sorority girls in the case of college. What would be the equivalent outside of college? Did you built your social circle completely out of nothing? Did you joined a network of club promoters? How did you applied the principles of SCM to your specific situation?

    Thanks a lot man!

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