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Social Circle Mastery DVD Set Customer Review

By Florian Ulrich
This review is from: Social Circle Mastery (DVD)
Building and maintaining your social circle is an important ability in your life. It helps you get ahead in your job, solidify your friendships and be successful with women. Now if you truly MASTER your social trees, you will be able to get the job you were always dreaming of and get the girl you want – in a sexual relationship, while avoiding the dreaded “Let’s Just Be Friends” zone. This product helps you on your way, because it makes you understand the undercurrents of social interactions – so you can “steer your ship” avoiding shallow water.

Social Circle Mastery, done by Mr. M and Braddock comes with 3 DVDs which is basically a recording of one of Braddock’s live seminars. Before going into more detail, let me say that this DVD set provides a great mix of ca. 60% theory about social circle structure and social behavior and 40% practical advice, partially integrated in the presentation, partially in the form of concrete “game plans”. The quality of the recording is good, fun to watch, and the most important points Braddock makes are constantly summarized in one corner of the screen – so you can direct your attention to what he is saying.
The whole duration of the set is about 2 – 3 hours, but so intensely packed with content that I actually watched it on several evenings and ended up with 40 densely written note cards.

The structure of the seminar is very logical and easy to follow; the examples Braddock gives are entertaining and from his own perspective and experience- however, you don’t need to be a high-school/college quarterback to apply them to your own life, since the points he makes are applicable in general, and you can directly relate to them. For example: how to deal with an alpha male of the group. Immediately important for almost any social situation.

The set starts with explaining key persons, concepts and definitions, then gets directly into the first and second phase of building and maintaining your social circle, followed by a whole chapter of gaming within the social circle – probably the reason why most of you are thinking about buying this DVD set, right? By this point in the DVDs, however, you will know about the dynamics of your social circle and will thus be much better able to calibrate your approach, understanding why the girl you want to hook up with behaves the way she does.

Oh my, and what happens if you have made it into the “Friends zone”? Fret no more, because there is an entire chapter devoted to getting out of that dreaded zone. Hint: follow the chapters before and you don’t end up in there in the first place 😉 … but if that has indeed already happened to you, Braddock gives you a detailed step-by-step plan how to get out of it.

After that chapter and teaching all the fundamentals, Braddock presents practical advice for ca. one complete hour. First, we learn about individual attraction switches and approaches to “get the girl” in every different “zone” of your circle – from close-knit friendships to lose acquaintances. Then, he presents several step-by-step “game plans” – for your social circle, for your phone numbers – and concludes the set with an action plan for building your social circle dynasty month-by-month.

Taken together, you will get the most out of Social Circle Mastery if you make it part of a long-term plan to build your own “dynasty”. Following the advice in this set makes you avoid going into the wrong direction, because you understand why people behave towards you in a certain way. In line with this, the numerous examples and “game plans” give you direct advice for a quicker “fix” of a situation as well.

This set has already helped me personally in various situations:
1. I was able to deal with alpha persons in the group.
2. A new colleague from Spain introduced me to his friends during Thanksgiving, and people remembered me afterwards – me being German, they were positively surprised that I was so talkative ;-).
3. During the after party of our last institute retreat, I had a much easier time mingling with people – including being approached by several women that night.
4. Most important of all, the knowledge from this DVD set has freed me from any awkward social pressure I would put on myself, resulting in a much more positive reception towards women (and people in general). I am able to relax – in contrast to my early years of yore, where I would sit or stand awkwardly in the corner before initiating a boring “interview”-like conversation.

I am having a much better time now and have laid a solid foundation for building my own “dynasty”. This DVD set gave me the tools.

I highly recommend buying this product – I have not regretted it at all.

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